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Air Conditioning

We have been providing climate control solutions since 2009

We are experts in climate control.  Take a look below at the solutions we offer, and  contact us if you need anything further.  We are always pleased to help.

Air Conditioning Products

What will your solution be?

Split systems

Stylish design or powerful capacity, our range of split systems offer a solution to cover 2.5 to 28 kW cooling and heating capacities. Integrated WiFi, ultra low noise modes and advanced air treatment are just some of the features our partners include as standard.


Our VRF options contain both heat pump and heat recovery systems in both mini and maxi chassis. Take advantage of variable refrigerant temperatures, humidity monitoring and extensive design capabilities.


What if we can offer you a hot and cold water producing system that bolts on to a VRF system and allows you to recover waste energy throughout the year. Interested? Get in touch.


Cutting edge technology allow our air conditioning products to connect to third party AHU DX heat exchangers and provide both supply and return air temperature control.

Energy recovery ventilation

Available as a stand alone solution, these heat recovery ventilation products are also available as a bolt-on to VRF systems. These adaptable units include a DX coil for additional cooling and heating requirements as well as fresh air introduction.


We have to expect that industry leading air conditioning solutions have extensive control capabilities. These range from the most stylish local controllers to powerful remote access central controllers and BMS capabilities.


Starting its life as Airwell UK, AUK has a long standing relationship with Airwell and are proud to be the UK’s sole importer of Airwell products.  Based in France, Airwell have created air conditioning and water heating products since 1947.

LG Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions

LG offers optimised solutions for all climate control requirements. From the stylish Artcool range of wall mounts to the powerful Multi V VRF, one of the most comprehensive renewable energy solutions on the market today.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Fujitsu General offers award-winning air conditioning systems that provide complete climate control for your home or business.  Splits and VRF make up a comprehensive range to satisfy any design.

Panasonic Heating and Cooling Solutions

Including the scientifically proven NanoeX air treatment capabilities make Panasonic stand out from the crowd.  Hydroxyl radicals are produced with the potential to inhibit the growth of pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, and odours.

Why Choose Us


We were established in 2003, but our team have been designing systems for much longer.


We hold extensive stock of most systems that you might need 'off the shelf'.

Design support

We offer pre-sales design assistance as a matter of course. If you need help specifying, our knowledge proves a valuable resource.

After care

Our relationships are built on trust, providing technical support and commissioning assistance during your project and into the future. We also provide spare parts and process any warranty claims you might have.

Need a bit of assistance with a project?

Please get in touch.  Our friendly team will answer any questions you may have and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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Welcome to our resource section.  Here you will find product catalogues and guidance.

Please scroll down to find the manufacturer you are looking for.

Welcome to our resource section. Here you will find product catalogues and guidance.

Please scroll down to find the manufacturer you are looking for.