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Air to Water Heat Pumps

We can provide a fully indemnified design

We have worked with air to water heat pumps for many years and offer a fully indemnified design service for domestic properties. Furthermore we also provide complete after sales support and training where required. We are the UK’s sole importer of Airwell AWHP.

AWHP products

What will your solution be?


Monobloc heat pumps are all in one units for a home solution that manages hot water, heating and even cooling if required. We offer both LG Electronics and Airwell heat pumps ranging from 4 - 16kW capacities. Monoblocs can be easily integrated into an existing home as well as new build properties, connecting to underfloor, radiators and fan convectors.

High Capacity

If you are looking for high capacity from a small footprint, then the Airwell Wellea Monobloc DF is the product for you. Providing 18 - 30 kW heating capacity from a twin fan chassis with up to 60C water temperature is a fantastic design opportunity. Operation is possible at -25C and Keymark and MCS certification has been awarded.


We stock hundreds of heat pump accessories and ready made installation kits.


Starting its life as Airwell UK, AUK has a long standing relationship with Airwell and are proud to be the UK’s sole importer of Airwell products.  Based in France, Airwell have created air conditioning and water heating products since 1947.

LG Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions

AUK and LG have a strong relationship dating back to 2009 and have been involved with the outstanding Therma V air to water heat pump range from its conception.  With monobloc and split system options, covering leaving water temperatures up to 80C, Therma V is a perfect fit for the most challenging designs.

Why Choose Us

Product experts

As one of the leading suppliers of AWHP products in the UK we are well placed to help you with product selection and system design. Our award winning service spans design, support and technical assistance.

Indemnified design service

We don't just provide product, we also have the option of an indemnified design service.


We hold a comprehensive stock of products eliminating costly lead times and allow you to deliver projects on time without delay.

After Sales support

Our team of experts can offer commissioning assistance across our product offerings. We are always there to offer advice and support further down the line.

Need a bit of assistance with a project?

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Welcome to our resource section.  Here you will find product catalogues and guidance.

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Welcome to our resource section. Here you will find product catalogues and guidance.

Please scroll down to find the manufacturer you are looking for.